Jan has more than 20 years of experience as a system administrator and support engineer in companies ranging from open source startups to large corporations.

Currently, Jan is part of support at Elastic. He helps users to use the different search related products.

Before Elastic, he was part of the team at Graylog, an open source log management solution. At Graylog, Jan managed support for commercial and enterprise customers, and also helps contribute to the Graylog open source community.

The enterprise experience was gained as part of the Infrastructure Service team at Capgemini. The practical knowledge he gained while solving problems for customers around the world within Corporate IT enables him to better help members of both the Open Source and Corporate communities.
Some other projects Jan has been involved with includes working for the social network wer-kennt-wen.de, where Jan graphed and analyzed user and server data in real time, improving his skills in log file management and analytics.

While working at the shared hosting environments from HostEurope and 1blu, Jan managed millions of emails per day and the debugging of customer systems.
Furthermore he has worked with dnswl.org and abusix, dedicated to whitelisting and network abuse management.

Jan enjoys working with new open source tools and regularly gives talks about the tools he has used and the lessons he learned.


This Blog contains very private thoughts, but also technical guides or descriptions.

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Jan Doberstein
Schloss-Strünkede-Str. 30a
44629 Herne

Voice: +49 2323 1370219  
Text: jd@jalogisch.de