Declaration of mindfulness

Declaration of mindfulness
We will create a civilization of the Mind in Cyberspace. May it be more humane and fair than the world your governments have made before.

John Barlow, 1996 Davos

This bold statement is from a time where the people that used the Internet needed some technical knowledge to enter the community.
At this time it does not matter where you are from, what your personal history is or even what sex and age you are. You were able to connect and use this technology on purpose. That was your ticket to be part of this community. Knowledge - the fuel of technology that was available for free. Mostly available for free, the only invest your time and you could gain knowledge in all areas. Most times that was geek knowledge, someone who was deep into something wrote down - on a personal website or in some kind of community.

You need to know how to get it - you need to learn the ways to enter more closed communities.

But now is the knowledge only a movement with your finger away. Everyone has a device to access this archive of knowledge. Everyone can pollute the archive with his view. Pollute because the barrier to enter the archive and place something in that is that low that you can be drunk and short before the blackout and leave your thoughts somewhere.

I'm guilty myself sending all my emotions into this archive - using it to just cry out my sorrows and pain I had at the moment. But I hope that this only harms my reputation and not any other person. I do also blame a non-working user experience or a failed service from time to time - just because nobody is around me that would listen to it. So I shout it out into the clouds.

This becomes only a problem when the shout is done to harm someone to hurt that person. Either on an emotional level or even for real. Because sensitive information is leaked into the non-forgetting archive and others take that and act in the physical world.

Hate and disrespect have no place in this world - even in this world where it looks like you can do everything without any consequences.

Some day you will not get a job because of your likes or postings in a social network - friends will ghost away. To get out of that is hard because the algorithms will show you only persons, postings and information that are similar to your interests. No matter where you are.

Once you entered a bubble, you see only content that belongs to this. It looks like your world is always the same mind as you - no matter what crazy mindset you have.

It is important to break out of the bubble you are pushed into by computers and get known to the diversity of the world. Allow others to broaden your knowledge and allow others to teach you something. All of this might not be connected at first sight. But it all makes sense when you look back.

Like Mr. Miyaki letting Daniel-san painting his fence or polish the cars ...

We all should be reminded from time to time that this place - the Cyberspace is not created by governments, it is created by people. People that do not care where you are from and what background you have. People that just want to share knowledge. People that want to learn. People that want to have fun. People that do not want to harm.

Make yourself a better citizen of this - speak against hate,  help with your geek knowledge to make fake news disappear. Do not be silent. Resist the feeling that it does not matter. Every voice matters. Even yours.

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