dirty pretty things

... mal an dieser stelle einen kleinen musik tip von meiner seite ... falls
noch nicht bekannt, hört euch mal in dirty little
rein ... etwas richtig franz
ferdinand, bloc party und artic monkey .... aber sie
bloggen auch ... ach einfach anhören
bzw anlesen ... wie auch immer ...

I knew all along That I was right at the start bout the seeds of the weeds
That grew in your heart Self satisfaction for the factions Who formed to tear
us apart Well I gave you the Midas touch Oh you turned round and scratched out
my heart Oh what did you expect? Oh tell me what did you expect? To lay it on
my head So is it all upon my head? Bang bang you're dead Oh Im so easily lead
Bang bang you're dead Put all the rumours to bed Bang bang you're dead

bang bang you're dead - dirty little thinks

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